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  1.  Independent living skills (Budgeting, housekeeping, hygiene, cooking, banking, time management, and more)

  2. Educational and/or vocational assistance

  3. Permanent housing preparations

  4. Cultural exposure

  5. Allowance

  6. Enhanced Case Management 

HFS Services

Enhanced Case Management

Enhanced Case Management (ECM) services can be provided to eligible young adults that participate in the Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program when the young adult requires additional support or services to be able to adjust and maintain independence while residing in the SIL placement.


Young adults requiring enhanced case management services may have the following characteristics that include, but not limited to:

• Does not require 24-hour supervision while in the supervised independent living program;

• Has basic skills in self-care and the ability to follow a daily routine.

 Has one or more of the following characteristics:      

  • Frequent, but non-violent, antisocial acts

  • frequent or unpredictable physical aggression

  • depressive behaviors including being markedly withdrawn and self-isolating 

  • major self-injurious actions, including attempting suicide in the last 12 months 

  • current abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other conscious-altering substances, that results in severe impairment due to the substance abuse and there is a primary diagnosis of substance abuse or dependency

  • has an intellectual or developmental disability

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